November 17, 2018

Aldo & Samantha

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November 17, 2018
Aldo Lopez & Samantha De Almeida
Lake Valhalla, Montville, NJ

Our Story

Hoboken, NJ water

How we met

June 2007
Who is this guy?

Our story actually began many years ago although we didn’t know it at the time. We first met in Hoboken in 2007, thanks to a group of mutual friends. I mostly remember how he kept making me laugh. After that night, we didn’t run into each other too often, except for the occasional friend’s birthday party or summer bbq. Fast forward to a few years later and Aldo invites my best friend Inia and I to a bbq at his parent’s house. Again he had me laughing the whole night. Before I left, he made sure he still had my number & we texted everyday for the next couple of days, which then turned into weeks. We had our first date at a diner the morning after one of my nightshifts at the hospital. Our friendship quickly grew and we even planned a joined birthday party together in AC with our friends. He officially asked me to be his girlfriend in October after planning a really nice day at Turtle back zoo & that was one of my favorite days, until the engagement of course…

Romsdalseggen, Norway September 2017

The Proposal

12 Sep 2017
I guess the climb was worth it.

Where do you want to go on Vacation? Norway? Why? Those are the questions we had to answer when we told people where we were going. Little did Sam know what I had planned. Together we planned a roadtrip through some of the most picturesque roads in the world. We planned a couple of hikes to prepare for Romsdalseggen. Sam knew we were going to go on a 7 hour hike, but she had no idea what was waiting at the top. I looked through the maps a hundred times to make sure we wouldn't get lost. The night before we stayed at a cabin in the valley between two mountains, and I obsessed over where I was going to keep the ring on that hike. We set off on our hike in the early morning. It was just us on the climb. It was a bit scary. Four hours and sixteen "I DON'T WANT TO FALL OFF THIS MOUNTAIN"s later we made it. We set up for pictures and down on one knee I went. After about 30 seconds of accusing me of being mean and playing bad jokes she said "Yes".

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Gift Registry

Wedding Party

Inia Estima

Maid of Honor

Tiago Duarte

Best Man

Maria Pallares


Steven DaSilva


Thailyn Alonso


Joseph Alonso


Deanna Acevedo


Kevin De Almeida


Emily Rechani


Andy Lopez



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Lake Valhalla Club
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